Voters to consider capital levy for Battle Ground Public Schools in February 2024

At its Nov. 13 regular meeting, Battle Ground Public Schools’ board of directors voted unanimously on a resolution to place a capital levy on the ballot. Proposition no. 7 will appear on the ballot for the special election on Feb. 13, 2024. If the capital levy is approved by a simple majority, collection would begin in 2025.

Several of the district’s schools have facility issues that impact the teaching and learning environment. If approved by local voters, the three-year capital levy would provide funds to address some of the issues, update security measures, expand career and technical education opportunities and replace outdated technology. All schools in the district would receive updates. Projects include:

  • Increasing security through entry controls and security cameras
  • Repairing roofs and improving or upgrading heating and cooling systems
  • Creating learning spaces for construction trades, culinary and health science
  • Updating technology, including computers, phones and the district’s wireless network

Said Superintendent Denny Waters, “Although Battle Ground Public Schools spends millions each year to maintain schools, many still have facility issues to be addressed, including roofs and heating and cooling systems. State funding alone is not sufficient.

“Our community has told us that they prioritize security measures and repairing aging buildings. If approved, the capital levy would provide funding to begin making some repairs and updates.”

“While the facility issues cannot be fully addressed through a capital levy, the funding would extend the use of the district’s current school buildings and affect the environment for students and staff,” said Board President Jackie Maddux.

Amounts and rates
In February, local voters will vote on the following amounts: $8.5 million for 2025, $9.2 million for 2026 and $10 million for 2027. If the capital levy is approved, the district cannot collect more than the amount authorized by voters.

The estimated rate per $1,000 of assessed property value would be $0.44 for each of the three years of the capital levy. The levy would take the place of a 2005 bond measure that will expire at the end of 2023. The expiring bond rate also is $0.44 per $1,000 of assessed property value. If the capital levy is approved:

  • The owner of a property assessed at $300,000 is estimated to pay $132 per year, or $11 per month.
  • The owner of a property assessed at $400,000 is estimated to pay $176 per year, or $14.67 per month.
  • The owner of a property assessed at $500,000 is estimated to pay $220 per year, or $18.33 per month.

A $400,000 property that has a 3% annual increase in assessed value is estimated to pay the following amounts:

  • $176 in 2025
  • $181.28 in 2026
  • $186.72 in 2027

Estimated total local tax rates
The following estimated rates do not include state taxes for schools. The actual rate will depend on factors including area growth and any changes to the educational programs and operations levy beyond 2025.

Educational programs and operations levy: $1.67
Capital levy: $0.44
Total: $2.11

Learn more and view the full list of projects.


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